We sold the product but didn't get the possibility to get back to the customer

Fortunately, many companies are very busy at the moment. Order books are full, and more customers are knocking on the door.

However, some companies have challenges in maintaining existing customers, not to mention in attracting new customers.

Most often, it is not the awareness that all customers should be cared for that is lacking. Rather, many companies are challenged by scarcity of both time and resources.

Some companies choose to hire more sales personnel in order to ensure the order books remain full.

Once you have read this far, please take 2 minutes to read the rest -- where you find some new ideas about how you can earn money and retain your customers .

Maybe now is the time tactics need to be changed . . . ?

Certainly everyone knows examples of solid companies that existed yesterday, today and certainly tomorrow too, but how does your company become the solid business in the industry?

First and foremost, it must be assessed whether there is an aftermarket department that is  fully geared to take care of the customers.  Do any of the following thoughts sound familiar to you?

“Yes, we have an aftermarket department ..... I'm just not 100% sure that it can handle our customers every time.”

“Our customers are very demanding, so we will lose someone along the way.  But once the project is completed, the customer returns to their normal supplier.”

“The customer does not want to sign a service agreement with us, and there are many more good arguments for not being able to keep customers,”

So maybe it is time to change? So that your company can be at the forefront of the solid and respected companies!

Secondly, it must be assessed whether you have the right resources available.

You might think like many other companies in the same situation:

"Actually, the number of employees should fit the tasks to be performed , but we are unable to find time and profits to think smarter."

Is now the time to hire a new employee who can help boost your company to a more cost-effective level of performance, with satisfied customers?

Or perhaps you are thinking:

“We do not have enough work to hire a full-time person.”

“We do not have the financial opportunity to hire a full-time employee.”

“We do not have time to do a recruitment process.”

“We do not have the opportunity to train an inexperienced person.”

We all know the above, and many other arguments, but these can slow down the pace of every day work, when you actually want to develop at a faster pace.

So -- now it's time for action !!

Why not hire a Consultant from

We are able to pinpoint inefficient processes.

1. Help optimize the working day.

2. Maintain old customers and create the capacity to attract new customers.

3. Tune up the aftermarket division of your business.

4. Create more job satisfaction.

5. Facilitate everyone moving in the same direction.

6. Optimize revenue for all employees.

7. and get the daily operation to work more optimally.

We have

1. 28 years of international experience with all the processes involved in aftermarket service.

2. 15 years of management experience in both middle management and top level

3. repeatedly shown that it is possible to make money on the aftermarket, even in Asia.

4. Member of several boards for the last10 years.

5. owned our own businesses for a number of years.

Therefore, we can say that we have experience in maintaining and expanding the number of customers in the aftermarket.

All you have to do is contact Frank Bjarno on phone: +45 28 83 45 67, mail: , or via the contact form.

Then we can talk about how we can help in your business.

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